Abraham, the Premier ready to go crazy: Mourinho locks him up

ROME – Everybody up Abraham, all about Abraham. There Rome withstands the siege. At least three teams of Premier League they are working under the radar to convince the prodigal son to return immediately in England: Manchester United And Arsenal ahead. But Mourinho he will not allow anyone to get close to the center forward he wanted and shaped for his team. Except unthinkable offers in this market session, Abraham will remain at Trigoria until 2023 when then the Chelseaif it deems it appropriate, it will be able to exercise its right to repurchase for 80 million.

Mourinho's new Rome for next season

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Mourinho’s new Rome for next season

Abraham, the temptation

In all interviews, even before the Conference semifinal in LeicesterAbraham gracefully avoided answering questions about the future: “I just want to focus on the pitch, I don’t think about what will happen”. It must be understood. Born in Londonsold smoothly by Chelsea, Abraham aims to return home to prove his worth the most competitive championship in the world. In the meantime, however, it is linked to Rome and Romehas discovered a happy reality in which he is considered a great footballer, has regained a stable place in the English national team that will participate in the World. Therefore it does not crave to shorten a path already outlined in time and manner. Indeed, he is aware that another starring season in Italy it can allow him to improve as a man and as a professional, to then challenge face to face the best colleagues in Europe.

Rome, Mourinho's list: all the market objectives

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Rome, Mourinho’s list: all the market objectives

Rome, the impact of Abraham

Never had an Englishman imposed himself so quickly in A league: in addition to scoring 17 goals (including 27 cups, best rookie ever in Rome) Abraham was appreciated for his qualities as a complete attacker, good at opening up spaces for teammates and also very useful in the defensive phase (especially on set pieces). Arrived when the season has already begun, just in time for the premiere of championship, played 52 games, almost all of them full. After settling in and resetting, he turned out to be one of the best signings of the year. With these premises, it is foreseeable that he could even develop his production numbers to push Mourinho to reach the Championsmaybe through the victory of the Europa League which he still misses.

Rome, the transfers for the treasury: this is the point of all departures

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Rome, the transfers for the treasury: this is the point of all departures

Mercato Roma, Abraham and the commissions

But there is also a more prosaic reason that discourages any negotiation: the procurator of Abraham, Neil Fewingshas entered into an agreement with Roma that produces the more profit, as many market sessions are there Tammy does not change team. In practice, Fewings has collected the first 400,000 euros in commission after the January window and as many will have in September. And so on. This is the reason why in the balance sheet, as per the Rome publications, the purchase of Abraham returns the number “zero” to the item commissions. It is evident that in the future, when actually i Friedkin they will have to let him go, the prosecutor will earn well even from subsequent contract. But given the current conditions, no one is in a hurry to undo the benefits already received. Not even Abraham, who with Mourinho can consecrate himself to the level of top center forward.

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