100% biancoazzurro: 2022/23 season ticket campaign

BRINDISI, June 14, 2022 – The Happy Casa Brindisi season ticket campaign officially starts for the LBA 2022/23 sports season.
After having enjoyed and suffered together in these years of hard coexistence at a distance, it is time to return to breathe the air of Pala Pentassuglia at 100%, in the stands and on the pitch, with the voice and heart of the true blue-white fan. . It’s time to go back and fill our second home 100%!

Also this year the price tables present two types of purchase: “Premium Member Price” and “Full Price”. Member rates almost unchanged compared to last season, each form of subscription will always present savings compared to the purchase of individual matches during the season (which will be divided into three price categories).

All 15 LBA regular season games are included; LBA season ticket holders will have the right of first refusal to any other events during the course of the season.

All holders of a season ticket for the 21/22 season will be able to access the pre-emption phase to confirm their seat or, exclusively at the New Basket Store, change it with a seat that is free on the map.

All 2020/21 season ticket holders in the Parterre FGH sectors, who underwent repositioning last year due to the anti Covid regulations, will be able to return to their place of origin in the first phase of pre-emption, in the times and ways described right away.

PRE-EMPTY PHASE 1 | June 16 and 17
Preemption can be exercised on 16 and 17 June exclusively at the New Basket Store in Corso Garibaldi, 29 open from 09:30 to 13:00 and from 16:45 to 20:15.

PRE-EMPTY PHASE 2 | 18,20,21 June
Preemption can be exercised on 18 and 20 June at the New Basket Store in Corso Garibaldi, 29 open from 09:30 to 13:00 and from 16:45 to 20:15.
NB – Full price 21/22 season ticket holders who intend to exercise the right of pre-emption at this stage can do so by signing the member card at the same time.

PRE-EMPTY PHASE 3 | from 23 June to 2 July
Season ticket holders for the 2021/22 season will be able to pre-empt their seat from 22 June (09.30) to 2 July (20.15) both online on the Vivaticket portal and at the New Basket Store.
Vola a Canestro associates and Premium Members who renew their seats at this stage will continue to have the reduced cost of their subscription also online.

To buy online:
Connect to the website www.vivaticket.it;
Look for the event ‘Happy Casa Brindisi 2022/2023 Subscription’;
Click on the ‘pre-emption’ section;
Enter the ‘Rinn.Abbettino’ code (18 digits) on the back of the 21/22 card;
Confirm the online purchase.

* In the event of an error in the member price match during the online pre-emption, the fan is asked to contact the New Basket Store.
** For a seat change operation with a free one on the map, go exclusively to the New Basket Store

STEP 4 | starting July 4th
After the first phase, all the seats not confirmed by subscribers will be unlocked on the map. Starting from 4:45 pm on July 4th, the free sale phase will start at:
• New Basket Store in Corso Garibaldi, 29
• Vivaticket points of sale authorized on the national territory
• online on the website www.vivaticket.it

The big news of the season: the 100% biancoazzurro fan will be able to return to have the opportunity to subscribe through a convenient installment of the amount thanks to the partnership with our Gold Sponsor and Official Bank ‘Banca Popolare Pugliese’.

Every day, from Monday to Friday, in the window 16.45-18.15, a BPP official in charge of managing the financing procedure will be stationed at the New Basket Store and can be completed on site. The procedure will be activated only at the New Basket Store in the set time slot. Those who intend to subscribe in this way are kindly requested to present themselves with:
• Valid identity document
• Health card or tax code
• IBAN coordinates attestation document for the payment of installments
• Certificate of attribution of VAT number or self-certification (for freelancers)
• Income documents

If you have purchased a subscription through Organized Cheering Clubs, please contact your manager for information on this. Remember that if you have purchased through the Club, you cannot confirm the pre-emption subscription without going through the Club itself.

If you want to confirm your subscription or buy a new one, you can also do it by phone every day from 17.00 to 19.00 by calling 392-9554379.

For any doubt and need, please contact the email address: store@newbasketbrindisi.it.


The subscription of each subscription will have an additional fixed pre-sale cost of € 2.

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